09 Nov 2014
November 9, 2014

Back Pain In Winter

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Shoveling snow is one of the hardest chores that you may encounter during the winter. Snow falls slowly in small, light flakes. When it continues to pile up however, it becomes progressively heavier. It is necessary to protect your back while getting rid of these drifting piles. There are many people injured while lifting or moving snow every year. Here are some helpful ways to protect yourself from becoming part of this unfortunate statistic.

It is better to push the snow rather than lift it.

Pushing snow helps to keep your back in better alignment and it saves it from being under so much stress.

Get someone else to do it.

Someone with the proper equipment will be able to handle more snow, saving you a lot of time and money spent on seeking help after hurting yourself.

Clear the snow regularly.

Doing so will prevent it from piling up.

Watch out for the ice!

Lift with your legs.

Bending your legs will help prevent back injury. Also, an ergonomic shovel may assist in keeping your back in proper alignment.

Keeping these tips in mind may keep you pain free this winter.