12 Mar 2013
March 12, 2013

Luck Of the Irish You say??

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Here’s a few ways to get in on that luck…

When it comes to their health, the Irish have a few great things going for them. Ireland was ranked the 19th healthiest country in the world according to the 2012 rating by Bloomberg. (Health score = 79.91%). Click HERE for source.

FYI—the USA was NOT in the top 20!

So what’s so great & healthy about Ireland?

  1. They are still a big farming/agricultural nation.
  2. They WALK wherever they can. *If you’ve ever visited Ireland, you will notice a LOT of pedestrian traffic.
  3.  Their favorite color is GREEN. 🙂 Ok, maybe not technically, but their National flag has green in it, shamrocks are green, and their countryside is full of BEAUTIFUL rolling hills covered with green trees.

How does this apply to us?

  1. They’re leading by example. Take some time to smell the roses! Did you know that you can burn 272 calories from just one hour of gardening?
  2. There are simple ways to get a few more ‘steps’ in each day. A. Park your car a little further away, B. Take the stairs whenever possible, C. As the weather gets nicer just get outside!
  3. Naturally green fruits & veggies are both delicious & nutritious! Be intentional about incorporating MORE of them into your every-day diet.

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Fact:

  • 12oz Guinness Draught = 125cal
  • 12oz Mountain Dew = 165cal
  • 12oz Biggby Mocha Caramel w/Whip = 380.70cal

Have a safe and happy St. Patty’s Day!