Myth: Snacking Is Always a Bad Idea

Truth: Having snacks in between meals might actually help you eat less. In fact,dietitians often recommend that you have five smaller meals a day, instead of eating your calories all in one sitting.

Myth: No More Fast Food

Truth: Here are some other healthy ideas from Magee:

  • Get a salad as a starter.
  • Choose the grilled chicken over fried, breaded chicken.
  • Get soft tacos instead of hard, crispy ones.
  • Keep the sauce and dressings on the side or scrape off as much as possible.


Myth: Carbs Are All Bad

Truth: Carbs are not all created equal, and you want to avoid processed carbs that are often high in sugar and white flour. Instead, enjoy beans, whole grains — think brown rice and whole grain breads — and don’t forget fruits and vegetables …

Myth: Certain Foods Make You Burn Calories

Truth: “A calorie is a calorie, regardless of where it comes from,” says Pivonka. Even if certain foods do increase your metabolism, the amount is too insignificant to make it a magic bullet, says Magee. Instead, Pivonka recommends weight lifting. Why? Because by building muscle you increase the number of calories your body burns when at rest.

Myth: If You Eat and Exercise Consistently, You Will Never Gain Weight

Truth:You need to be willing to make lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments as you age, change, and grow. The fact is, your metabolism slows down as you age, says Pivonka. As a result, you often have to either eat less or exercise more to avoid gaining weight.

Thoughts from the publisher 😉

“So… All this boils down to is making better choices. Your “Diet” is what you EAT, not what you DO. Honestly, there is such a negative feeling and emotion when many people think of the word “diet” that we should probably just toss it out the window all together. Lets just focus on portion control, and balancing our choices with fruits & veggies, whole grains (for those who can), and other tasty foods.”

This advice comes to you from an article on WebMD from experts
Elaine Magee, and Elizabeth Pivonka. Read the full article here.